Native code callbacks & monetization of Cocos 2d-x Games for windows phone 8 platform 

   Hi Folks!  In the Previous posts I mentioned the basic setup for windows phone 8 Cocos 2d-x game and issues along with solutions.Now lets see how to write call back functions in a cocos 2d-x games to communicate with the c# code (generated code) and vice versa.

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Ad Mediation in unity 3D Windows Phone 8/8.1 Games or Apps

The Ad Mediator aims to maximize your revenue and improves the monetization by making sure you are always showing a live ad with higher fill rates. This extension enables different ad network solutions into a single project.

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Monetization: Unity 3D Games for windows phone 8/8.1 platform

As per the unity Documentation we can handle the call back using the following techniques as bellow :

1) Writing the custom DLLs (build and run)

2) Event Registration mechanism for unity 3d games.

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Being a Big fan of Microsoft I am so happy to share my learnings. In this article i will demonstrate how to port an existing Cocos2d-x game written in C++ to windows platforms with step by step instructions. I’ll try to  cover all important aspects along with some tips.

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